Thursday, February 7, 2013

Week 5: Online Chat

Following our online chat I promised I'm post a few links here. I'm hoping you'll have a *read* of these works and note how different they are from works we've already explored (like Cruising).

There is Inanimate Alice which I love. The more transliterate a reader you are, the better at deciphering the story you become. And, as Alice matures, so too the reading requires greater aplomb.

Episode Selection

The other work that I wanted to draw your attention to is really plural - works. The author Andy Campbell (who often works with Judi Alston and various others) crafts such amazing narratives. The stories are rich and multi-faceted and so is the design. One of my favourites is The Diary of Anne Sykes but do feel free to explore any of the many fictions he has collected at Dreaming Methods.

Image from Dreaming Methods.

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