Thursday, February 7, 2013

Digital Literacy & Me: Assignment 1 - Gail-Ann Wilson

Digital Literacy & Me: Assignment 1 - Gail-Ann Wilson

Reflection for Gail-Ann:

This assignment was really interesting, and challenging at the same time. Working with the web tools I chose to use provided me with a steep learning curve. I visualized exactly how I wanted to express myself and what I wanted my product to look like, but bringing it to life required way more tools than I had anticipated. I enjoyed doing this project in Prezi, finding it easy to work with, and far more dimensional than Power Point or Google presentation. As I focused on the content of my podcast, the emerging theme for me was privacy. My digital and daily life are expressed similarly I have maintained a very low online profile for many reasons but really recognized how important privacy is to me while expressing my ideas through digital literacy. Placing any kind of content online is a bit scary for me. Everything is visible and permanent My use of the internet in the past was far more Web 1.0 focused, where I would read text, and locate information. With all of the really neat applications available at your finger tips, a person must "sign up" to make use of these tools. Wonderful as they are, I leave behind my digital finger print. I find myself cringing each time I'm asked to provide my personal information (name, email address, and pictures) online. I realize that as I move forward in a web 2.0 and 3.0 world that I will have to re-establish MY parameters of "privacy". Ironically, as exposed as I feel, with more and more people on the internet, the less significant of a player I am. 

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  1. Hi Gail-Ann, I enjoyed your podcast. Prezi is a fun tool to use and I like how illustrative your story was throughout. Privacy is something I struggle with as well. With each new platform we subscribe ourselves to, we reveal just a little bit more about our interests, thoughts, locations, networks, etc. It is a complex information exchange where "sharing" more, results in tailored information, recommendations, and advertisements. There is no doubt that Google knows me better than any other platform (my emails, contacts, docs, chats, searches, reading lists, etc.) and it is a bit scary how this personal knowledge repository has built up over the years.