Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Digital Literacy and Me

Apologies for not posting with the right method last week! I'm all sorted out now so here is a proper blog post about my digital literacy. Will be listening and watching yours too! 

Podcast debrief

I've never put together a podcast before so I was really looking forward to this assignment. All I have to say is... I'm so glad it's done! Some important lessons I learned:

1. Making something look easy is really difficult. 
It takes scripting, practicing, recording, image gathering, piecing together, editing, and polishing before you have something that is still pretty amateur. I am far too embarrassed to admit how many audio recordings I did (and how long it took me). Weaving together something that looks and sounds natural is a really tough challenge. I think I hacked some of the technical things to make it work, but that's all behind the scenes.... 

2. Five minutes is both long and short.
When I started this project, I thought five minutes was plenty of time. It was far longer than most Youtube videos and considering the attention span of viewers these days, I thought it would be sufficient. I ended up cutting out half my script to keep within the timeframe. It was hard to provide a solid overview and examples of community building in this one segment. 

3. I love the social aspect of digital.
It wasn't until I reflected on my experimentation and involvement over the last decade that I really realized how many tools and platforms I've tried and enjoyed. I left a lot of them out as well! I have to say that they all did teach me something - some completely changed my habits and others were great for tips and tricks. I think my achilles heel is in the areas of audio and video - I am not used to hearing my own voice or being recorded. I'm going to have to practice this moving forward. 

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