Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Digital Literacy & Me

Hi and welcome to Assignment 1

My Digital Literacy Journey:

In the podcast above I mention a highlight of my digital literacy journey was having a co-authored paper accepted for presentation in New York at the Media Ecology Association Conference.  If you have interest in the e-book and it’s impact on the publishing industry please take a look at my latest blog post “Teresa and Judith’s Excellent Academic Adventure” where either our paper or a newly released video of the occasion has been provided (Video prepared especially for this assignment!).  A paper on Transformational Leadership, which focused on the new NAIT CEO, also received a story in NAIT Techlife Magazine.  Lastly, the Telephone Historic Centre appreciated our group project which explored  “The Role of the Telephone in Edmonton as an Expression of Civic Identity”, a small excerpt on their website under “University Study”.  Lastly, I also enjoy doing interviews when the media call on NAIT for a Public Relations perspective on a news story. 

Putting the Podcast together:

Putting together the podcast was truly an adventure.  It is a good thing that I am a stubborn woman.  I thank YouTube for some great videos tutoring me on how to build a podcast in GarageBand.  I also found a blog post on the topic with very clear directions and a step-by-step approach with pictures.  I found the easiest part was laying down my voice track.  The challenge came in layering in all the sound effects, which all have different volumes.  I sourced the sound effects from the Internet, iTunes and GarageBand the timing and sound volumes were an all day challenge.  Thanks also to Jess for bearing with me as I figured out how to post all of this into the class blog. 

My preferred means of communication is always face-to-face, but as my podcast mentions I have been establishing my “brand” across a number of social media platforms, so please connect with me in your preferred way:

Email:  Sturgess@nait
Twitter:  @Teresa_Sturgess
LinkedIn: Teresa Sturgess
Skype: Teresa Sturgess
Or heck, just call me: 780-471-7635


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  2. Hi Everyone,

    I wasn't able to post to the blog site either. I hope you don't mind "clicking" until I get it sorted out as well! Jess - I could use your help with this!!!

    Podcast: http://bit.ly/14sXRhq

    Prezi: http://bit.ly/WARZjG

    Reflection for Gail-Ann:

    This assignment was really interesting, and challenging at the same time. Working with the web tools I chose to use provided me with a steep learning curve. I visualized exactly how I wanted to express myself and what I wanted my product to look like, but bringing it to life required way more tools than I had anticipated. I enjoyed doing this project in Prezi, finding it easy to work with, and far more dimensional than Power Point or Google presentation. As I focused on the content of my podcast, the emerging theme for me was privacy. My digital and daily life are expressed similarly I have maintained a very low online profile for many reasons but really recognized how important privacy is to me while expressing my ideas through digital literacy. Placing any kind of content online is a bit scary for me. Everything is visible and permanent My use of the internet in the past was far more Web 1.0 focused, where I would read text, and locate information. With all of the really neat applications available at your finger tips, a person must "sign up" to make use of these tools. Wonderful as they are, I leave behind my digital finger print. I find myself cringing each time I'm asked to provide my personal information (name, email address, and pictures) online. I realize that as I move forward in a web 2.0 and 3.0 world that I will have to re-establish MY parameters of "privacy". Ironically, as exposed as I feel, with more and more people on the internet, the less significant of a player I am.

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  4. Hi Everyone - I wanted to share my project with you the way I had originally hoped to present it. This is the "final cut" with the narration (same one used in the podcast). Up until 4am this morning (yes! I have a job), and another three hours tonight trying to convert a file from xesc format to wmp :-(

    I have really enjoyed looking at your projects Sylvia and Teresa. It's a different kind of introduction as we get to know one another online - something like a digital handshake!

    I appreciate the opportunity to share with you!

    Prezi with narration: http://bit.ly/U5GnqB