Thursday, March 14, 2013

Assignment 2: Collective Intelligence

Collective Intelligence:
Assignment 2
Weight: 25%

Objective & Procedure

2 heads are better than one, so goes the saying. Following Rheingold’s concept of a smart mob,
as a class we are going to collectively share our findings.

1. Choose 3 texts (blog posts, journal articles, book chapters, YouTube videos etc...) that deal
with the key ideas of participatory literacy, smart mobs, community/collective action.

2. Signup/Login to Pinterest. We will use the visual tool as a bookmarking engine for this
assignment. Create a “board” and call it “Collective Intelligence for NMN 2013 –Smart Mobs”.
For more information on how to use Pinterest please read here: and feel free to e-mail me ANY questions!

3. Read your 3 texts and pin them to your board. Fill in the summary and publication information
in the text box that appears once you “pin” your item to your board.

4. Link your Pinterest board in a blog post on the class blog byFriday 21:00 so that, as a group,
we have the weekend to peruse and comment on each other’s readings. Any comments you wish
to add about any of your three readings should be included in the SAME blog post which
contains the link to your board (titled appropriately and tagged as assignment 2) on our class

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